Alternative / Hardcore


  • From: Bingley, UK
  • Sounds Like: Paramore, Eyes Set To Kill, Sick of Sarah

Not many bands can combine melody, technicality and heaviness while still delivering a chaotic live show. Marmozets, whose oldest member is 21, can do all this and more. It's a classic case of proving the doubters wrong. Marmozets aren't just making it in the industry; they stand on the cusp of becoming one of 2014's most vital breakthrough bands. The debut album emphasizes their growing skill in developing a broad range of styles, including the snappy, punk attack of 'Cover Up', the brooding dynamic contrasts which feature on 'Captivate You', the visceral aggression of 'Why Do You Hate Me?' and the soaring progressive epic 'Cry'. In essence, it stands true to their initial sounds while also remaining sufficiently accessible to crossover to a wider audience.


Marmozets : Marmozets
  • Latest Album:
  • Release Date:
    June 24, 2014

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