5 Acts to See: Riot Fest Chicago Day 2


Taking Back Sunday

Happiness Is is Taking Back Sunday’s latest album which hit the airwaves back in March of this year. Happiness Is is also the perfect way to describe how we feel when we get to see this New York act perform live. With a string of influential releases in their discography, it would be a shame for anyone to miss Adam Lazzara and co. belt out classics like, “Cute without the ‘E’ (Cut from the Team),” “A Decade Under the Influence” and “MakeDamnSure.”     

The Used

Similar to tour mates Taking Back Sunday, The Used have also played an incredibly large role in the alternative/ dare we say “screamo” era of music. Making a splash with their debut self-titled album back in 2002, these scene vets have continued to find ways to dominate the rock culture 12 years later.    

Saosin w/ Anthony Green

Getting to see an act reunite is anything short of magical. Getting the opportunity to see that act reform and play to thousands of screaming supporters, well, that’s just the best. Even if you’re not a huge Saosin fan, you’re going to want to see this. Anthony Green is one of the best frontmen to come out of the aforementioned “screamo” era, so seeing him reunite with his old pals in Saosin will be a treat for sure. 

Me First and the Gimmie Gimmies

So you think seeing NOFX your first day at Riot Fest is good enough to fill your Fat Mike fix, ay? Well, you’re wrong, punk. Very, very wrong. It isn’t very often that Me First and the Gimmie Gimmies are out on the road playing their punk rock cover classics. So, when you get the chance to see them play, you do it. It’s that simple.    

RX Bandits

RX mother f’in Bandits. Damn, how we love them so much. These dudes are back with a brand new album, Gemini, Her Majesty, and it’s kicking the same old type of funky ass their previous work did in the late 90’s to mid 2000’s. So pretty much, if you feel like movin’ and grovin’ to some rockin’ jams, you better get over to see RX Bandits day 2 in Chicago.   

Notable Mentions: Wu- Tang Clan, Descendents, Die Antwood, City and Colour, Samhain, Buzzcocks, Dashboard Confessional, Say Anything, Mighty Mighty Bosstones, The Get Up Kids, Streetlight Manifesto, 7 Seconds, Anti-Flag, Frnkiero And the Cellabration, Restorations, Citizen, The Pizza Underground