'68 Share Funky New Track “This Life Is Old, New, Borrowed, and Blue,” Reveal Forthcoming Album Details


Have you ever felt the urge to mosh and groove out at the exact same time? Well, in ‘68′s brand new single “This Life Is Old, New, Borrowed, And Blue” that’s exactly what you’re about to get yourself into.

Taken from their highly anticipated sophomore release Two Parts Viper (available June 2nd via Cooking Vinyl America), Josh Scogin and Michael McClellan’s brand new tune is essentially half Jack White, one-fourth The Black Keys and one-fourth The Chariot. Resulting in exactly what’d you expect – pretty much an uncontrollable urge to move about – ‘68′s latest is proof that dynamic duo cannot be tied down to anybody’s “genres” or “expectations.”     

In regards to the new track, the former Norma Jean/The Chariot vocalist spoke about the song’s sound saying, “This is the very first song I wrote for the album. It definitely ‘connects’ more with my past than any of the other songs, so much so, that it almost didn’t make it into the album. It is one of my favorite jams but I had decided that if the other nine songs didn’t balance it out a bit [I] was going to leave it behind. I’m really glad I didn’t have to.”

To check out “This Life Is Old, New, Borrowed, And Blue” and jam yourself into oblivion, be sure to look below. Afterwards, make sure to not only pre-order the duo’s forthcoming album but also grab tickets to see them out on tour with Every Time I Die and Wage War here

[via Crave Online]