Album Stream: Hear Your New Summer Obsession From Emo Revivalists Pray To Keep Featuring Fred Mascherino (Noise Exclusive)

This shouldn’t come as any surprise but we here at The Noise are completely obsessed with the mid-2000′s emo/screamo scene. Like most of you, growing up jamming the likes of Taking Back Sunday, Armor For Sleep, Senses Fail, Matchbook Romance and many others via our Sandisk mp3 players came as an everyday ritual. 

For that reason, being that we just can’t help but remember the “good ol’ Myspace days,” we are completely stoked to be bringing you an exclusive stream of Pray To Keep’s nostalgic self-titled EP produced by ex-Taking Back Sunday guitarist Fred Mascherino.

“This EP is the culmination of a long period of playing together, maturing as musicians and exploring our individual creativity and influences to create something that serves as an opening statement for what is hopefully a long career of performing as a band,” says bassist Jason Duarte. 

“We’re proud of how these recordings came out and are excited to play these songs live while we begin working on our next recorded effort. We’d like to give a special thank you to Fred Mascherino for helping shape these songs into the best versions of themselves and to everyone who has been involved with/or supported the band thus far.“ 

To get your first glance at what’s to come from the incredibly talented Philly four-piece, be sure to check out their emo-laced EP below. Afterwards, be sure to purchase the five-track effort once it becomes officially available tomorrow via the band’s website or Bandcamp page.