Apparently The Internet Thinks There Will Be A New Underoath Song Tomorrow


Oh, the internet. Not only is it where you’re reading this article right now but it’s apparently where dozens of rumors are living about new music from screamo-era icons Underoath – after a quick Twitter search, you’ll see what we mean. 

According to various tweets, the rumors began after multiple fans received a mysterious CD allegedly from Fearless Records with the words “Erase Me” and a website URL written on it. The website – which you can see here – leads fans to a suspicious home page where you hear about 35 seconds of audio.

But wait, it gets better. 

After further inspection of the homepage, if you literally “erase” what’s on the screen via your mouse, it reveals a countdown clock.


As for how this all connects to Underoath, leave that to Reddit to explain.

So, is this Underoath’s first new album in eight years and their first with Aaron Gillespie since 2008? Or is it all just a bunch of hype? Guess we’ll have to wait until tomorrow! 

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