Bust Out Your Dickies, Tube Socks And Chucks And Jam 7 Minute Martians’ Nostalgic Track “Smoked Out” (Noise Exclusive)


As we’re sure most of you are pretty well aware of by now, whether it’s from dramatic rom-coms or real-life experiences, getting your heart broken sucks. If we had to make a list of all the things that suck the most, heartbreak certainly makes our top three (next to moldy bread and our current president).

In all seriousness though, something that isn’t anywhere close to a shitty break-up is Cincinnati outfit 7 Minute Martians and their infectious brand of early 2000′s pop-punk music. Blending some Blink-182 with a little New Found Glory and MXPX, the mid-west four-piece will without a doubt take you back to your roots with their new single “Smoked Out” – which The Noise is stoked to be premiering the music video for today! 

“This is a song about decaying love and one of my favorites off [our new record Curious],” explains vocalist/guitarist Wil Viars. “I like the metaphor of comparing a relationship to being in a burning building and a high-speed car chase in the chorus. The third verse will always hit me hard, as it’s about my mother’s suicide.”

To check out the new music video for “Smoked Out,” be sure to see below. Afterwards, make sure to stream the band’s debut LP Curious here