Check It Out: Mandroid Echostar Premiere Iron Hands Lyric Video (Noise Exclusive)


On the heels of their forthcoming debut album Coral Throne – which hits stores January 15 via Distort Entertainment and Fontana North – Ontario-based progressive metal outfit Mandriod Echostar (yes, that’s really their name. Amazing, right?) has just released their second new single titled “Iron Hands.”

Showcasing the same brilliant musicianship we witnessed last month with their shredtastic track “Paladin,” “Iron Hands” combines elements of thrash, progressive and alternative metal and turns it into a jaw-dropping, drool-inducing collection of rabid riffs and soulful vocals.

As far as the band’s upcoming record Coral Throne, frontman Michael Ciccia shared his excitement for the new release stating, “Every song on Coral Throne has a special place with each of us. There is a lot of diversity in the songs on this record and we are extremely proud of each and every track.” 

Ciccia continued to add, “We are so stoked to finally be able to tour this record, go to new places, meet some of our amazing fans all over the world and hopefully we’ll make some new ones along the way.”  

To check out Mandriod Echostar’s new track for yourself, make sure to look below. Afterwards, be sure to pre-order Coral Throne at the band’s official website: