Chelsea Grin Share Insanely Heavy Track “Dead Rose” Featuring New Vocalist Tom Barber

Ladies and gentleman, welcome to a new era of Chelsea Grin. After a tumultuous past few months which saw them drop off a tour with Motionless In White earlier this year, the seasoned deathcore act has just shared some major news – both good and bad.

First, the good news: For the first time since 2016′s Self Inflicted, the Utah-based band has just debuted brand new music from their forthcoming album Eternal Nightmare. The track, titled as “Dead Rose,” might just be the heaviest song Chelsea Grin has ever released. Now for the bad news: The song is the first without founding vocalist Alex Koehler and longtime guitarist Jacob Harmond.   

We’ll go ahead and let the band explain that one:

“Shit-talkers, rejoice! There is a lot of news to be shared from the CG camp, much of it bittersweet. For some time now, our band has wandered through what felt like hell and back. Medical conditions, personal pressures, tour conflicts and more. It is not in our nature to let this get the best of us, so we always have and will carry on headstrong and determined. 

Alex Koehler has opted to part ways with the band following his recent time spent in rehab and the life changes he’s made in newly found sobriety. We are all at a mutual understanding that the nomadic and trying nature of touring is much too volatile of an environment for a recovering alcoholic. He has made huge strides forward in shaping a new and positive lifestyle, and we will always do our part to support our friend and brother. We are still very close, of course, and it goes without saying that we wish him all the strength and willpower needed to continue his inspiring progress. We ask that all of you respectfully do the same for Alex.

Furthermore, late last year Jacob Harmond parted ways with the band; you may have noticed via social media or on our most recent Never Say Die tour. Jacob recently had his second of two children and has found his passion redirected toward family and personal goals. Again, his parting was carried out entirely amicably and with absolutely no hard feelings. As with Alex, we will forever support Jacob and his family, and will always remain close friends.

Surely, this all comes as heavy news to our supporters and long time fans, but we want to confidently reassure that Chelsea Grin remains strong. During the recording process, we were faced with the challenge of pushing past obstacles to finish creating an album we were already so emotionally invested in. We had to weigh all options realistically, but abandoning our passion was never one. Our good friend and ally, Tom Barber, has stepped up to the plate to help us achieve a sound we had never imagined. His talent and drive allowed us a renewed energy, making the choice clear. Please provide Tom a warm welcome into the band and saddle up for a darker, more aggressive sound than you’ve heard from us yet.

At this point, we are done cycling faces through the band for both your sakes and ours; we will be carrying on live as a four-piece. After finding our strongest sound yet, we want to avoid confusion and a shift from the current creative focus, in addition to adding yet another face to a seemingly ever-changing lineup. We will absolutely be delivering the same crushing performance and presence as always.

All of that being said, we present to you ‘Dead Rose,’ the first single off of our upcoming album, 
Eternal Nightmare. Welcome to a new era of Chelsea Grin. Catch us all summer long on Warped Tour at the Monster Mutant Red Dawn stage performing both new and old material. We assure you that you won’t want to miss it.”

We guess now you understand why we said this is a new era for Chelsea Grin. To check out the band’s first new track with Lorna Shore vocalist Tom Barber, be sure to see below. Afterward, make sure to grab tickets to see Chelsea Grin all summer long on the Vans Warped Tour here