Coheed And Cambria Announce 30-Track Deconstructed Edition of ‘The Color Before The Sun’


Always known for giving their fans some of the best added items with their musical releases (for example, their last record’s deluxe box set included a 76-page physical book), progressive rock mainstays Coheed And Cambria have just announced the release of their digital 30-track “Deconstructed Edition” of The Color Before The Sun.

Featuring the 10 original album tracks, the re-release will also include additional demos and live versions of new and old Coheed tracks according to the band. 

“The 30-track presentation features the original album’s 10 songs, both in the studio and in their early acoustic demo form, as well as two bonus acoustic demos that were never recorded in the studio,” the band said in a statement. “The demos, called ‘Big Beige/4th St,’ were named after Claudio’s home ‘The Big Beige’ in upstate NY and his old apartment in Brooklyn ‘4th Street,’ since he wrote and tracked them in each residence.”

“These acoustic demo tracks were previously only made available to core fans who purchased the band’s Limited Edition Deluxe Box set, which featured a 76 page physical book. Also included in ‘Deconstructed’ are seven live ‘bootleg’ tracks pulled straight from the soundboard from various dates on [Coheed’s] recent US headline tour and expose a very raw look at the band.”

To check out the very large track listing, be sure to look below. Afterwards, make sure to pre-order the new re-release before it hits online stores August 19.

Track List:

01. “Island”
02. “Eraser”
03. “Colors”
04. “Here To Mars”
05. “Ghost”
06. “Atlas”
07. “Young Love”
08. “You Got Spirit, Kid”
09. “The Audience”
10. “Peace To The Mountain”

Big Beige / 4th St Demos:

11. “Island”
12. “Eraser”
13. “Colors”
14. “Here To Mars”
15. “Ghost”
16. “Atlas”
17. “Young Love”
18. “You Got Spirit, Kid”
19. “The Audience”
20. “Peace To The Mountain”
21. “Bridge And Tunnel” (bonus demo)
22. “Fangs Of The Fox” (bonus demo)

Soundboard Bootlegs:

23. “Island” (Jannus Live – St. Petersburg FL 03/12/16)
24. “In Keeping Secrets Of Silent Earth” (Revention Center – Houston TX 03/17/16)
25. “Blood Red Summer” (Tabernacle – Atlanta, GA 03/14/16)
26. “Devil in Jersey City” (Marquee Theatre – Tempe, AZ 03/21/16)
27. “Everything Evil” (Jannus Live – St Petersburg, FL 03/12/26)
28. “Key Entity Extraction V: Sentry the Defiant” (Marquee Theatre – Tempe, AZ 03/21/16)
29. “Here To Mars” (Jannus Live – St Petersburg, FL 03/12/16)
30. “The Audience” (Revention Center – Houston, TX 03/17/16)