Coheed And Cambria Cruise The Subway In New “Island” Music Video

Fresh off the release their brand new non-concept album The Color Before The Sun, prog-rock mainstays Coheed and Cambria have just released a video for their track “Island.”

When asked about the new single in a recent track-by-track rundown with Team Rock, frontman Claudio Sanchez explained the significance of the New York subway stating, “’Island’ is very much the beginning of the record. It opens with the sound of the Q Train going into Brooklyn and that’s the train that I would frequent when going in and out of Brooklyn into Manhattan. It’s very much the beginning of my identity crisis when writing this record too.”

Sanchez continued to add, “I had a hard time writing songs in this new apartment - or at least I thought I did. And it’s basically a song to my wife, saying that she needed to hear me and understand that it wasn’t working for me. I needed to leave and get back to the country and that’s essentially what ‘Island’ is about - just the apartment being too small and the exposure being too much for me. When I started the song it was all on acoustic and that was the beginning of this idea of the album being a solo effort. But we transformed it into a rocker and the guitar at the beginning claws into the idea of distance and landscape, which I really didn’t have being in that apartment. I was longing for space and the opening guitar line is supposed to resonate that. Then the band comes in and everything becomes tight and crunchy. Again, that’s meant to be a musical representation of the chaos I was experiencing inside the space of that apartment.”

To check out the new video for yourself, be sure to look below. Afterwards, make sure to pick up a copy of The Color Before The Sun here