Get Ready To Break Some Stuff After Hearing Fit For A King’s New “Pissed Off” Single


After releasing a couple teaser videos online surrounding their forthcoming album Deathgrip, the guys in Fit For A King have finally released a brand new single titled “Pissed Off.” And, as you would expect from a song called “Pissed Off,” the track is incredibly hard-hitting.

Pretty much, if anybody was questioning and/or doubting just how heavy Fit For A King’s new LP was going to be, their new single should prove exactly just how, well, pissed off the upcoming release is.   

To check out the new track (as well as an insight into the band’s new album) that will ultimately become your soundtrack to releasing endless amounts of anger and aggression, be sure to look below. Afterwards, pre-orders as well as tickets to see Fit For A King alongside Beartooth, Every Time I Die and Old Wounds, head here.