Hear Can’t Swim Vocalist Chris LoPorto Talk The Band’s Sudden Success, The Pressure To Release New Material and Ex-Girlfriends In New Interview

This Saturday on idobi Radio, we’re very excited to announce we’ll be airing our exclusive interview with Can’t Swim vocalist/guitarist Chris LoPorto.

Talking with the New Jersey native about his band’s sudden rise to fame and how it happened so instantly, the soft-spoken vocalist shared that while he feels very blessed and fortunate to have this opportunity in the spotlight, it can be a bit stressful at times. 

“Sometimes it gets a little overwhelming when you think about it too much, but just the dynamic in the band between us is very, very calm and very, very stress-free,” he says. “Nobody is on each other’s backs. So, because we’re doing this all together you know, it makes it a lot less daunting and it makes it a little bit easier to handle. But sometimes, you know, certain occasions when we’re flying to the UK to play some shows or something we all kind of laugh at each other. It’s just like, ‘Man, how did this happen so quickly?’”

In regards to the band’s debut full-length which hit stores last week via Pure Noise Records, LoPorto shared that there was a bit of nervousness going into writing process – especially after just finishing their first-ever EP Death Deserves A Name.           

“Once we got signed, quickly after that I was like ‘Oh man, I have to write a sick song.’ Like, I don’t even know if I could even write one more rather than a whole album. We started an email chain and [the label] is like ‘Okay, maybe in the next couple months we can do the full length.’ And I was like ‘What fucking full length? What songs are we going to use?’ [laughs].” 

LoPorto continued to add, “You know, it was the pressure and almost [the feeling of] did I get myself into something that I’m not going to be able to get myself out of. I definitely had some frantic conversations with the rest of the guys. But they were nothing but supportive and gave me a lot of confidence and just told me to take my time. And surprisingly enough the songs came together again pretty quickly this time. Actually, almost easier because I had all the rest of the guys on board to help me whenever I was in a road block. … In the beginning, there definitely was a lot of pressure for sure. But now I feel very confident in Fail You Again and excited to just have kids hear it finally. It’s been in our pocket for a while now.” 

To get a deeper dive into our chat with LoPorto and hear his incredible stories about how Can’t Swim came about (you know, like the fact that he just learned how to play guitar for the band. No big deal), be sure to tune into idobi.com/radio from 4-5pm PST // 7-8pm EST this Saturday.

Until then, make sure to check out Can’t Swim’s latest music video for “We Won’t Sleep” below and pick up a copy a copy of Fail You Again here.