Hear Saosin’s Forceful New Single “Racing Toward A Red Light”


Continuing to build endless amounts of hype for their new comeback record Along The Shadow, Saosin and Anthony Green have just released another new completely kickass single titled “Racing Toward A Red Light.”

Unlike their previously, more groove-oriented single “The Silver String,” “Racing Toward A Red Light” is a total barn burner from the very start. Pretty much, if you’re looking for a new track to turn up in your headphones and lose all control, this one wouldn’t be a bad one to try out. 

To see for yourself what kind of levels the new Saosin single might get you to, see below. Afterwards, make sure to not only pick up tickets to see Saosin live but also pre-order Along The Shadow before it hits stores May 20 via Epitaph Records.    

[via Noisey]