Holy Shit: Apparently There Is A New Glassjaw Album Coming Out In December

Holy shit everybody, the day we have all been waiting for is finally here. According to reports online and a now-deleted Amazon posting, there will be a brand new Glassjaw album coming December 1st! 

Yes, let us say that again just in case you didn’t understand: THERE WILL BE A BRAND NEW GLASSJAW ALBUM DECEMBER 1ST!

Titled as Material Control, the new 12-track LP will apparently be released in partnership with Century Media. This will be Glassjaw’s first new album since 2002′s Worship And Tribute and their first new release since 2011′s Coloring Book.  

To get a glimpse of the new album, be sure to check out the below video which features the band performing a few new songs while out on tour with The Used. To grab tickets to said tour, head here.

Track List:

01 – “New White Extremity
02 – “Shira
03 – “Citizen
04 – “Golgotha
05 – “Strange Hours
06 – “Bastille Day
07 – “Pompeii
08 – “Bibleland 6
09 – “Closer
10 – “My Conscience Weighs A Ton
11 – “Material Control
12 – “Cut And Run