ICYMI: Ice Nine Kills Debut Haunting New Single “Enjoy Your Slay” Featuring Stanley Kubrick’s Grandson


Look, we get it, we’re currently nowhere near Halloween at the moment – 154 days away to be precise. However, what better way to start off the summer than with a little scare from Boston, MA outfit Ice Nine Kills. 

Helping celebrate the 37th anniversary of The Shining’s film debut directed by Stanley Kubrick and the 40th anniversary of Stephen King’s novel being released, the Fearless Records crew have just shared their brand new single “Enjoy Your Slay” featuring Kubrick’s grandson Sam.

Incredibly haunting with plenty of cinematic vibes throughout, Ice Nine Kills’ latest does a fantastic job pairing itself with of the greatest horror stories ever told.  

“Being huge fans of not only the novel, but also of Stanley Kubrick’s brilliant film adaptation,” says frontman Spencer Charnas, “we knew in order for the song to work we would need to capture the unnerving isolation and traumatizing scenes of horror that occurred on those 447 pages and 144 minutes of film.”

As for how Kubrick’s grandson Sam got involved with the song, Charnas explains that it all began when Ice Nine Kills toured with Kubrick’s band Shields.   

“On our tour of the UK last fall, we became great friends with [Sam’s] band Shields, whose technical prowess and dynamic songwriting blew us away. Being a big fan of their band and Sam’s vocals, we knew his inclusion on the song would provide a strong connection to the story’s legacy. His performance undeniably adds a layer and depth to the composition that is truly chill inducing.”

To check out the new four-minute fright fest that is “Enjoy Your Slay,” be sure to look below. Afterwards, to purchase the track, head here.