It’s Friday The 13th So Stay Inside And Learn To Play Manhack’s Brutal “Expedition 14A” With This Exclusive Play-Through Video


Unless you’ve smashed your smartphone, burned every single calendar in eyesight and have yet to talk to a single soul today, we’re pretty sure you’re aware today is Friday the 13th. 

And with it being the unluckiest day of the year (in October nonetheless) we strongly suggest spending your time indoors doing something totally safe like, we don’t know, learning to play Manhacks’ brutal new single “Expedition 14A” for example. 

Now if you’re thinking to yourself, “Sure, that sounds fun but how am I gonna learn to play the new song?” Well, we got your back as The Noise is exclusively premiering the band’s new play-through video! 

When asked about the new song and video, Manhack guitarist Thomas Crawford told us:

“The concept/lyrics for this song came about from the Hell levels in the game Doom 3. It’s about a research scientist named Simon Garlick that gets separated from the rest of his research team while collecting samples in Hell. As everyone else in his unit mysteriously disappears, he finds out all of them have been murdered and he’s the lone survivor. We only get a couple of cryptic audio logs from him, so we don’t ever really know if he meets the fate of the rest of his team or makes it out alive.

I liked the idea of this particular story for this track because it fit well with the tone the song. I also wanted to premiere this song with a play-through video because I feel like it best sums up the overall sound of the Welcoming Judgement EP and the direction that Manhack is going towards.

We also got a friend of ours (Micha Vaughn from the ATL metal band Degradations) to come in and do a guest spot on this track, which I was stoked for because he really helps make this track more dynamic and I feel that his vocal style helps convey the disturbing events that are happening during that part of the song.”

To check out the exclusive play-through video for “Expedition 14A,” be sure to look below. Afterwards, make sure to grab Manhack’s Welcoming Judgement EP here. Lastly, if you’d rather learn the song via tabs, you can grab them at the band’s official website