Mayday Parade Drop Rain-Soaked Video Featuring Real Friends Vocalist

If you’re a fan of aggressive pop rock filmed in slow-motion featuring a reasonably fair amount of high water jeans, then Mayday Parade’s new (possible) hypothermia-inducing video for “One Of Them Will Destroy The Other” is certainly for you.

Directed by Caleb Mallery (Memphis May Fire, Emarosa), Mayday’s new video is a passion soaked shoot perfectly paired with their emotionally charged single which includes Real Friends vocalist Dan Lambton.         

“For this music video, we wanted to somehow capture the song’s energy and felt strongly that a live performance video would do just that,” explains drummer Jake Bundrick. “When Caleb Mallery brought up incorporating water into the video we were all in. We’re incredibly happy with how it turned out and are very stoked to have Dan Lambton be a part of it all.”

To check out the new video for yourself, be sure to look below. Afterwards, make sure to not only pick up tickets to see both Mayday Parade and Real Friends out on the AP Tour but also pre-order Mayday’s new album Black Lines here .

Mayday Parade - Apple Music