Mayweather vs McGregor As Predicted By Your Favorite Bands


Unless you’ve been without internet and television for the past few months, there’s a pretty good chance you’ve heard about a major fight coming up. No, not between Trump protestors and Nazis. We’re talking about an actual professional fight between two of the biggest fighters in the world. 

This Saturday, world champion boxer Floyd “Money” Mayweather will be putting his undefeated 49-0 record on the line against world renowned UFC fighter (and major shit talker) Connor McGregor.    

As you can imagine, like most fight fans, a lot of your favorite bands are extremely excited to see the two square off as this will be the first time a UFC fighter will be stepping outside the octagon and into the ring to fight a boxer.

Now, because there is so much hype for this fight, we wanted to reach out to some artists who will be watching this Saturday and see who they have winning it all and why. To check out predictions from members of I Prevail, The Word Alive, Hawthorne Heights and more, be sure to look below!   

Brian Burkheiser - I Prevail

I’m going with the underdog on this one. McGregor has the odds stacked against him but I have a feeling he’s gotten in Mayweather’s head over the last few months. All it takes is one punch. I’m going with a TKO in round 7. 

Carley Coma - Candiria 

Floyd Mayweather wins this fight by split decision. Conor McGregor leaves Vegas a better fighter, richer, and undefeated in talking trash. On second thought, Conor wins by knockout.

Telle Smith - The Word Alive

My prediction for the fight is anything past 5 rounds Mayweather wins by decision. I know McGregor is going to come after Mayweather because he knows Mayweather can’t knock him out. McGregor will go for the KO in the 1st or 2nd round and I would love to see him do so!

JT Woodruff - Hawthorne Heights 

I think the fight will be a lot of hype but not very entertaining. Floyd is an incredible defensive fighter, which is great for him, but bad for entertainment. That being said, I think Floyd wins easily. I think he wins a unanimous decision. Conor only remotely has a chance if he is so aggressive that he somehow catches a haymaker. I don’t see it happening, but I hope he does. Everyone enjoys a good upset. Fun fact, I will be watching this fight with friends in Sydney, Australia 14 hours into the future. 2pm is a weird boxing time. Good luck to both fighters. Enjoy the moment.

Ryan “Tuck” O'Leary - Fit For A King

I’m with Mayweather. McGregor is undoubtedly a great fighter but he’s got a handicap in this fight. He can’t use all of his skills and I think Mayweather just has him in terms of boxing experience.

Robbie Pfeffer - Playboy Manbaby 

Due to a casino billboard and my cursory reading of the first paragraph of an article, I have figured out that an Irish guy is fighting a guy who really likes money. From my extensive experience with fighting (I punched a kid in the face over a disagreement about ice cream and then his brother punched me in the face the next day when I got out of speech and debate club) and seeing at least 5 minutes of both professional boxing and UFC, I can say I think the Irish guy will probably win. 

The Irish guy has more experience in hugging dudes in various positions and the guy who likes money only has experience hugging people while standing. Fighting is 90% about who can hug best and clearly the Irish guy knows all sorts of different hugging techniques. The other 10% of fighting is who has the bigger cauliflower ears, on that front, the Irish guy also wins. So my expert opinion says the Irish guy is a surefire knockout (I used the phrase “knockout” to convey my intimate knowledge of fighting and establish credibility).

Dillon DeVoe - Mime Game   

I like disrupters and Conor Mcgregor is just that. The bridge he’s providing from the MMA world into boxing could be a catalyst for change and the trash talking is very entertaining. That being said, boxing scores differently and it is not his general wheelhouse. If Mayweather plays the game, and he knows the rules better, he could really win. That said, I’m going to go with Mcgregor by TKO in the third round because life is fun and full of surprises and I believe this fight might be too.