Noise Exclusive: Australian Newcomers Between Kings Share Uplifting Single “Forget The Comedown”


As much as we might not want to admit it, unfortunately, we’ve all seen our fair share of adversity throughout our lives. With some situations being worse than others, to get past these difficult hardships, we’ve all had to look within ourselves to find a way out of life’s misfortunes.

No stranger to setbacks, Australian newcomers Between Kings set out to acknowledge their personal struggles and recognize the perseverance it takes to conquer them via their brand new single “Forget The Comedown.”

“When faced with continuous adversity, even the most optimistic person can fall along their journey but we can all get back up,” shares guitarist Jordan Coyne. “‘Forget the Comedown’ conceptually is like a coin, whichever side you’re looking at you see something different, but it’s the same coin. It’s up to the listener to hear what story is being told.” 

Coyne continued to add, “In the band, one side [of the song] is from personal experiences of self-medicating to escape emotional pain when being pushed to a breaking point, disregarding the inevitable comedown that follows. The other side is again from personal experiences of losing inhibitions, getting up to push through adversity, embracing the passion that keeps us going and forgetting the comedown.”

To check out the band’s new K. Enagonio-created lyric video for their uplifting track “Forget The Comedown” – which The Noise is premiering today –  be sure to look below. Afterward, make sure to pre-order the band’s forthcoming LP The Escape before it hits stores May 4th.