Noise Exclusive: Come Get Nice And Bummed With Conjure’s Dark & Gloomy Single “Shade”


Look, we get it. It’s the unofficial Star Wars day and the Friday before Cinco De Mayo. What’s there to be so sad about? you ask yourself while reading the title of this article. Well, person who seems to be living in a bubble of joy, there’s actually a lot to be bummed-the-fuck-out about right now.  

But thankfully, to help us feel a little better about the sadness running through our veins, today we’re premiering Conjure’s somber new shoegaze-ish single “Shade” which centers around the always emotional topic of religion.

“This song was written as the beginning of separation through love and faith. Someone who once was hopeful has now given up,” explains Conjure vocalist/guitarist Rob Kotlinski. “The lyrics and instrumentals illustrate the frustrations with this inner battle of religious withdrawal until the end when it seems to be released. The feeling of letting go of everything that’s held them back.”

Kotlinski went on to add, “Working with our producer Stuart Richardson (No Devotion, Thursday) he really helped us encompass the vibe of this song by recording [multiple] layers of vocals and guitars. There are many parts where there could be 6-7 guitars playing. This lays a thick blanket of sound that carries the track onward. The drum tones leave an impact, cutting through the mix and haunting the listener as the vocals fill the empty space around them.”

To get yourself nice and bummed, be sure to check out Conjure’s impressive new single “Shade” below. For more from the Jacksonville outfit, head here.