Noise Exclusive: Get To Know SharpTone Signees Settle Your Scores With New “Zero Hour” Video + Interview


Happy Friday the 13th, everybody! Today’s your lucky day as we’re excited to help you learn more about your newest pop-punk/easycore obsession, Settle Your Scores.

To coincide with the release of their new album Better Luck Tomorrow, we’re stoked to be bringing you the exclusive premiere of the band’s killer new video for “Zero Hour” as well as our introduction interview with drummer Caleb Smith. 

To check out the new video for the Chunk! No, Captain Chunk-like track as well as our interview with Smith, be sure to look below. Afterward, to pick up a copy of the band’s new LP via SharpTone Records, head here

Where did you grow up? And was there a music scene where you grew up?

Caleb Smith: Most of us grew up in Cincinnati, Ohio. A lot of the music scene was right over the bridge in Kentucky and that’s where we usually play hometown shows to this day.

What was the first concert you went to and the best concert you’ve been to?

First concert: Family Force 5 way back when. Best concert: Four Year Strong on the Rise or Die Trying 10th-anniversary tour in 2017. 

How would you describe your band in three words?

Better. Luck. Tomorrow.

One album you will never get tired of listening to?

Eyes To The Sun by Sparks The Rescue.


What inspires you creatively? 

Nature. It can be breathtaking.

Who is your musical hero?

Definitely my Dad. Dude was solid as a rock!

Best and worst part about the music industry?

Making friends on tour is awesome. Shady people aren’t.

Best piece of advice anyone has given you?

Talent doesn’t replace hard work.

The best thing currently on Netflix? 

Bojack Horseman