Noise Exclusive: Hear The Spears (Pink Lincolns) & The Dwarves’ He Who Cannot Be Named Team Up For Eclectic New Single “Nametag”


Whether you’re looking for the perfect bank heist music or you’re just on the hunt for something a little bit different from your musical collection, boy, do we have the perfect track for you. With over 30 years of punk rock experience under their belts, today we’re premiering a track from some real punk luminaries.

Coming in at three minutes and 24 seconds, The Noise is premiering The Spears’ hypnotic new single “Nametag” featuring The Dwarves’ He Who Cannot Be Named on the Farfisa organ.  

When asked about the retro-feeling track, Spears frontman and Pink Lincolns founding member Chris Barrows said, “I wrote ‘Nametag’ because I worked for a guy for about 20 years and he blew his brains out kinda suddenly. The sudden realization that I would have to go around begging for a job was kinda surreal. The song is about going around and requesting that employers allow you to work for them in exchange for money. The harsh tradeoff.”

To check out the contemplative new track taken from The Spears’ forthcoming LP Ghost (due out June 29th), be sure to look below. Afterward, to pre-order the band’s upcoming release (as well as a re-issue of Pink Lincolns’ Suck And Bloat and Chris Barrows Band’s Live Fast Die Old EP) head here.