Noise Exclusive: Lose Yourself In Druse’s Chaotic-Yet-Melodic Lead Single “Echinacea”


Calling all fans of Thursday, Touché Amoré, Bear vs Shark, and Being As An Ocean! Today, we’re extremely excited to announce we’re premiering a song from a band who impressively shares similarities with all four aforementioned acts creating a sonic whirlwind you have to hear to believe.

The band and song we’re referring to are Rochester noisemakers Druse and their mesmerizing lead single “Echinacea” taken from their forthcoming LP Honey from the Rock.

“’Echinacea’ was one of the first songs that we wrote for the record,” says vocalist Alex Jones. “Joe [Clark, guitarist] basically had the whole thing mapped out ahead of time and we just slammed it out at the practice space over a couple nights. The working title for this one was ‘Stoopid Riff’ until it was recorded.”

“Lyrically,” adds Jones, “‘Echinacea’ is essentially about the dichotomy of grief and the natural world - how the cyclical nature of physical existence, death, and rebirth can frame the loss we inevitably experience over the course of our lives. It’s about undergoing what at the time seems to be an insurmountable tragedy and finding reassurance in nature’s almost impossible simplicity.“

To check out the band’s turbulent new track, be sure to look below. Afterward, make sure to pre-order the band’s new album before it hits stores July 13th via Head2Wall Records.