nothing,nowhere. Shares One Take Version Of never,forever. Track “Wooden Home”


Following up where he left off with his beautifully chilled out one-take versions of “Hammer” and “Rejector,” emotional emcee nothing,nowhere. has just released yet another slowed-down rendition – this time for a non-nothing,nowhere. track, well, sort of.

Taking a stab at much older material from his never,forever. project, nothing,nowhere., with the help from his fellow bandmate, can be seen calmly ripping into the heart-wrenching track “Wooden Home.”   

Commenting on the new performance, nothing,nowhere. said: “The boys (nothing,nowhere. the band) came up to visit me (nothing,nowhere. the person). I forgot my camera, mic, and mic stand (somehow) but still gave it my best.” 

He went on to add, “Shot (very obviously) on [an] iphone, it took a lot to somehow get this one out. Thanks for coming back.”

To check out the moving new clip, be sure to look below. Afterward, for more from nothing,nowhere. head here

Original Version: