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    June 19, 2014   

  • 5 Acts to See: Van’s Warped Tour

    June 19, 2014   5 Acts to See: Van’s Warped Tour Beartooth: Metalcore frontman Caleb Shomo will be making his return to Warped Tour this year with the highly anticipated act Beartooth. Although Shomo has years of Warped experience with his former band Attack Attack!, this year will be different. As Shomo shifts from team player to HMFIC, he and his bandmates should draw quite a crowd as curious concertgoers contemplate if Beartooth’s hype matches their live show.     Every Time I Die: Every Time I Die are back on this year’s Van’s Warped Tour and they aren’t playing just for shits and gigs. These guys mean business. With a new album set to release later this summer, the five-piece Buffalo natives will be in full face-melting mode bewildering crowds of drenched pit-goers. If their new single “Thirst” is a sign of things to come, concertgoers beware. You may lose a limb or two.    A Lot Like Birds: This prog-rock meets post-hardcore shakeup, otherwise known as A Lot Like Birds, will be sure to give you show. A combination of melodic yet loud but also quick and soft tunes will leave audiences clammy and wanting more.   Plague Vendor: Ready to get weird? Well, not weird per say, just different. Like a flash back to the 80’s punk scene, Plague Vendor will bring young Warped goers a sound perhaps more familiar to their parents. With a pinch of the Dead Kennedys, a dash of the Adolescents and a smidgen of the Blood Brothers, Plague Vendor will definitely give kids a reason to get sweaty this year.   Stray From the Path: Stray From the Path are hardcore and when we say hardcore, we aren’t just talking about their music. These dudes will shit in your cereal if you run them the wrong way. “Stay away from me. Punk motherfuckers don’t step to me. They abuse their authority. Now I know my enemy,” shouts lead singer Drew York on the Anonymous track “Badge & a Bullet.” Stray From the Path possess a lyrical mentality Rage Against the Machine fans would be proud of and, for that reason, you need to see them this summer. You won’t regret it.

  • Attention all metalheads, headbangers and ETIDidiots: unless you have been ...

    June 19, 2014   Attention all metalheads, headbangers and ETIDidiots: unless you have been sleeping under a rock or purposely avoiding the Internet, you have probably already heard the new Every Time I Die single “Thirst” by now. The thrashbastic (yes, I just invented that word specifically for this review) single comes off ETID’s soon-to-be released full-length album From Parts Unknown which hits stores July 1. Now, unfortunately with “Thirst” only clocking in at a whopping minute and twenty-four seconds, diehard ETID fans are left with their mouths wide open helplessly waiting to be fed more new music. Although, we cannot complain because what we have been given so far has been very satisfying. Accompanied with an amusing music video following two Bill & Ted / Wayne’s World knockoffs, “Thirst” gives ETID fans a rapid rodeo ride of riffs and drumbeats that eventually, in true ETID fashion, leads into a bass heavy breakdown. It’s safe to say “Thirst” will certainly induce pits a plenty at this year’s Van’s Warped Tour. Overall, would we have enjoyed a longer single? Yes. Are we acting very spoiled? Yes. Is “Thirst” an incredible track? Hell yeah it is.      

  • For those who cannot remember, 2004 was the year of ...

    June 19, 2014   For those who cannot remember, 2004 was the year of Super Bowl XXXVIII’s wardrobe malfunction, The Butterfly Effect and Von Dutch trucker hats. 2004 was also the year Senses Fail exploded onto the screamo scene with their debut full-length release, Let it Unfold You. To say Let it Unfold You had an impact on fan’s lives would be an understatement. If marijuana is indeed a gateway drug, Let in Unfold You is definitely a gateway album that influenced and encouraged fans to listen to and fall in love with other heavier acts of that era. With its perfect balance of lighter “parent friendly” songs like “Buried a Lie” and “Slow Dance” mixed with heavier gems “Irony of Dying on Your Birthday” and “Bite to Break Skin” (of which probably fueled your youthful rage against chores and math homework), Let it Unfold You was a teenage misfit’s dream come true.  To celebrate their decade-old release, Senses Fail will be playing Let it Unfold You in full with support from No Bragging Rights and Knuckle Puck this fall. Pre-sale tickets are on sale now with all pre-sale proceeds going to The Best Friend Animal Society. When asked about the upcoming tour, Senses Fail frontman, Buddy Nielsen, stated the following: “I am humbled and excited to be able to play these songs, some which have never been played live. I look forward to reliving moments in my life with a room of people who are doing the same.    I have spent the better part of my life pursuing a dream and now, purposely, to look back and clearly be able to see the peaks and valleys, the difficult personal times, the relational sacrifices that were made, as well as the joy, excitement, youthful ignorance that was painfully present at times.  It is all very outstandingly grounding and fills me with equal parts nostalgic joy and gratitude for everyone that has shared in this band, past present and future, band member or business partner. We were all very young when we wrote and recorded this record in a half recording studio, half go go bar, run by the Russian Mob in Dover, NJ. None of us could have imagined the places it would take us, to now retrace those steps back in time, is a little frightening but more so exciting. I have very fond memories of the journey that was started with the record and I truly have deep love for everyone that was involved. All of us have gone separate ways but we will still forever share a bond, a record that has its own life and will stay unchanged for the rest of time.”

  • Last Friday night, we at Bring the Noise ventured down ...

    June 19, 2014   Last Friday night, we at Bring the Noise ventured down to the historic Wiltern Theatre in Los Angeles, California to partake in the first night of Meshuggah’s 25 Years of Musical Deviance tour. Upon arrival, lines wrapped the venue as fans eagerly awaited admittance to what was a mesmerizing showcase of metal music. To kick off the show, progressive hard rock heroes, Between the Buried and Me, hit the stage demonstrating their musical talents to the hundreds of metal hungry fans in attendance.  By effortlessly fusing a myriad of genres together, BTBAM displayed their unprecedented flair that has helped establish their well-known name in the metal world. With songs reaching well into the seven or eight minute mark, the skilled and forceful members of BTBAM put on a show fans of any genre would be impressed by. If you missed the show or are new to BTBAM and all they have to offer, check out “Ants of the Sky.” This 13-minute mind-bender should sum up the BTBAM experience pretty well.    Next up was the heavily anticipated champion of the night, Meshuggah. With the stage lights set to dim, the Swedish five-piece took the stage offering devotees in the crowd silhouettes to marvel at with excitement. Then it began. Like a punch to the gut, Meshuggah’s first song “Future Breed Machine” hit and hit hard. Combined with an almost seizure-inducing light show, Meshuggah quickly presented their hard rock savvy skills with every intention of reaffirming their 25-year reign as metal pioneers. The show progressed with an array of neck-breaking, head-banging moments and a plethora of melodic guitar sweeps and solos leaving awestruck audience members worshiping the sweat-soaked stage Meshuggah walked on. To catch a glimpse of the math metal madness that is Meshuggah, check out this clip taken from the show. For fans who cannot wait for Meshuggah to hit their town, feel free to check out the setlist from the night here. Now whether you are pop, r&b, punk or metal, 25 years is a long time for any act to play. With that said, for Meshuggah to still be tearing up venues worldwide with their metallic onslaught of energy and brutality, it’s very impressive to say the least.

  • If You Don’t Know, Now You Know Artist of the ...

    June 18, 2014   If You Don’t Know, Now You Know Artist of the Week: Beartooth Former Attack Attack! keyboardist turned lead vocalist, Caleb Shomo, could have done plenty of things following his departure from the band in 2012. After the drama-filled ride that was AA!, no one would have been surprised if Shomo decided to step away from creating music for a while. However, what he decided to do was something completely badass. Shomo, upon leaving AA!, sang, wrote, produced and played every instrument to help contribute to what became Beartooth’s first EP, Sick. Released in July of 2013, Sick is a four-track slobberknocker of fast-paced, face-melting, hardcore music. If you haven’t heard it yet, be sure to give it a listen here. Moving forward to 2014, Beartooth has now signed to Red Bull Records and will be releasing their debut full-length album, Disgusting, June 10. The band has been busy as of late, already releasing six tracks from their upcoming release. “Relapsing,” “Dead,” “In Between,” “Beaten In Lips,” “Body Bag” and “The Lines” all continue where Sick left off with the same intensity and booming breakdowns fans will come to love as they tear up this year’s Van’s Warped Tour. It looks as though big things are to come from Beartooth this year and if you aren’t already a fan, we suggest you start paying attention.

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    June 18, 2014   

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    June 18, 2014