Party God Andrew W.K. Shares First New Song In Nine Years “Music Is Worth Living For”

If you happen to be an avid reader of this site – or even if you’re new here – there’s a pretty good chance you’re a diehard music fan. And by being a diehard music fan, we’d like to think you agree with what Party God Andrew W.K. has to say on his first new song in nine years.

Titled as “Music Is Worth Living For,” one of music’s purest purveyors of positivity is taking this opportunity to not only showcase his newest album You’re Not Alone but also show love to the one thing that keeps most of us going in life.  

“Music is a mysterious phenomenon – it seems both to magically overwhelm and sublimate our suffering but also to starkly dignify the struggles of our daily life,” says Andrew W.K. “The physical power of music must be coming from some sort of unshakable truth, sent from the primal core of all being. It’s so effortless and elegant in its intensity. I truly believe that listening to music can transform you into a better person. In that way, all my songs have been me just trying to get better, trying to cheer myself up, trying to convince myself that there is hope and joy in the world no matter how dark it may seem. And the lyrics of this song, especially in the verses, are me calling out my own interior negative forces – the lowest and darkest impulses inside me, that wish to hold me down in despair – and I’m telling those malevolent urges once and for all that they won’t break me.”

The genuine and well-spoken professional partier continued to add, “I will persevere. And when I triumph, somehow, someday, it will be because of music. This song is a celebration of that essential and divine life-force that music is both emanating from and emitting to us. This song is about how good music makes it feel to not be dead. As the last line of the chorus proclaims, ‘Music makes me want to stay alive.’ That’s probably the truest lyric I’ve ever written.”

To check out Andrew W.K.’s powerful new track, be sure to look below. Afterwards, make sure to pre-order You’re Not Alone before it hits stores March 2nd.