Sit Back And Indulge Everything That Is Blush’s Mesmerizing And Atmospheric Two-Track Release (Noise Premiere)


Just in case you’re like us, there’s a pretty good chance your 2017 has gotten off to a pretty rough start. Not trying to get too political, but c’mon, with a tyrant like Trump leading our country into the toilet, it’s not always the easiest to wake up in the morning with a smile. Regardless of how you feel about politics, it’s definitely sad times at the moment – and with sad times, comes sad music.

For instance, enter Stroudsburg, PA outfit Blush. With vibes like fellow Pennsylvania natives Nothing as well as shoegaze OGs Slowdive, Blush bring a fresh melodic energy on both of their two new tracks “Drone” and “Yesterday” – both of which were written and recorded by vocalist/bassist Zack Van Why.

“The writing and recording process was really laid back, probably too laid back to be honest,” laughs Van Why. “I recorded these songs in my home studio set up, so it was very lax. Once I laid down the drum tracks, I would track guitars for a few hours, then take a break, go grab a drink or watch an episode of The X-Files, then go back and write and record the bass track and so on. I did it over a few weeks and then sent it off to be mixed by David S. Fylstra of Candlewolfe Sound, then off to be mastered by Zach Weeks in Boston, MA.”

In regards to the two new songs themselves – which The Noise is extremely pleased to be streaming today – Van Why says, “I think ‘Drone’ is the most personal song Iʼve ever written. I was working a bullshit cook job 9-to-5 and ‘Drone’ was the outcome. ‘Yesterday’ came out a little easier or more natural in the process Iʼd say – that song was finished long before ‘Drone.’ I was in a deep depression during the writing/recording process, I wrote a lot of the lyrics to both songs on the backs of receipts while I was on break at my 9-to-5. Then Iʼd go home and try to cut the vocals in my home studio.”

To take a solid eight-minute break from life, be sure to float through Blush’s latest gems below. Afterwards, to pre-order both “Drone” and “Yesterday” digitally or on cassette via Anima Recordings, head here.