The Nine Best Glassjaw Songs According to Coheed and Cambria


While currently out on tour supporting their latest album The Color Before The Sun, we asked New York’s finest Coheed and Cambria to come up with possibly one of the most difficult tasks yet – choosing their favorite Glassjaw songs of all time. 

With numerous jaw-dropping tracks spanning across their influential career, we understand it’s nearly impossible to pinpoint which Glassjaw songs stand out the most. And of course, with Glassjaw blending multiple genres into one heavily laced cosmic cocktail, it’s also a tough ask as certain tastes may vary.

However, after rummaging through their various vinyl, CD and download collections, each Coheed member was able to narrow down their selections to a simple few choices. But it certainty wasn’t easy.     

“Our whole band is a fan of Glassjaw, especially the Worship and Tribute album,” explains guitarist Travis Stever. “So [when choosing] any songs, it’s tough to pick just one or two. Motherfuckers would listen to Worship and Tribute 10 times in a row in our van!”

Coheed drummer Josh Eppard shares that exact feeling telling us over email, “Glassjaw is absolutely a top 10 band all time for me. The way they blended precision with noise, beautiful and heavy. It was meaningful. You believed in the words. The music was real. It was slick but it could be brutal.” Eppard continued to add, “Man, I fucking love Glassjaw!” 

To check out which tracks made the cut, be sure to look below. Afterwards, make sure to pick up tickets to see both Coheed and Cambria and Glassjaw on tour together here.

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