The Story So Far’s Parker Cannon Is Getting Grief For Booting A Female Fan Off Stage


Look, before we begin, we certainly see both sides of this story (no pun intended). Therefore, instead of choosing a side, we’re just going to just stick to the facts. So for anybody looking for an op-ed pouring opinions on how Parker was in the wrong or how the fan shouldn’t have been on stage in the first place, we suggest looking elsewhere. We’re not here to criticize. Now, here’s what happened: 

Recently at a Story So Far show in Toronto (the Mod Club Theatre to be exact), frontman Parker Cannon kicked a fan off stage while she was attempting to take a selfie. And no, by “kicked” we don’t mean Cannon politely asked the fan to get off stage. He extended his leg and booted the concertgoer back into the crowd – something he’s actually done previously. To see the video of what happened, check below. For tickets to The Story So Far’s remaining tour dates, head here.