Watch Hawthorne Heights Relive Warped Tour With New Throwback Video For “Beneath The Silver Strand”

Like most of us, screamo-era icons Hawthorne Heights are having a pretty tough time realizing the last-ever Vans Warped Tour’s cross-country tour is coming next year. Doing their best to recap last year’s summer on the Warped Tour, the band has just released a Warped-friendly video for “Beneath The Silver Strand.” 

Discussing what the video help represents, vocalist JT Woodruff shared a heartfelt message about what it’s like to be on one of the most iconic tours of all time. To see what Woodruff had to say and check out the band’s new video, be sure to see below.    

August 6, 2017

I remember getting our set time at around 10 a.m. and thinking, “FUCK.”

We play last. On the last day of Warped Tour. In Pomona. Does Kevin hate us? Or is he trusting us to close out one of the best summers of my life?

Either way, we are going to do it… and we are going to have fun doing it. Even if everyone leaves before we play.

I went back behind the stage an hour before our set time, so I could just stare at the palm trees and reflect in one of my favorite places on earth. Before I knew it, I watched the sunset and my heart sank with the sun. What if we never see the sunset this way again? This was our fourth Warped Tour and we have loved every hot minute of each one. I kind of felt a little part of my youth die when the daylight ran out and I knew something would never be the same. I just didn’t know what it was. A few months later, the final full Warped Tour was announced, and I think that last sunset was trying to tell me that. That’s why I enjoyed watching it fall from the sky. It was special. And for me, it always will be. As it turns out, the people of Southern California stayed around to watch us close out the summer and it was full of energy. I will never forget the sight of every last crowd surfer, the mini mosh pits for “Niki FM” and the singalong while standing on the barricade during “Ohio Is For Lovers.”  We will be forever thankful for everything Kevin Lyman has done for the music scene, we have been lucky to live in for the last 13 years. Maybe there will be another time and place for Warped Tour. Maybe in the future, we will all realize what we are missing, but before it’s gone. Eventually we will all disappear anyway. Let’s just try to be happy while we are here. Thank you, Kevin.

Sincerely, Hawthorne Heights