Watch Ice Nine Kills Continue Their Cinematic Gold With Dark New Visual For “Nature Of The Beast”

Ladies and gentleman, we may have very well just watched the best music video of 2017. Combining the likes of Panic! At The Disco, George Orwell and Satan himself, Ice Nine Kills’ new music video for “The Nature of the Beast” is absolutely jaw-dropping. 

Following up their two previous visual masterpieces “Communion Of The Cursed” and “Hell In The Hallways” (both of which were an ode to classic horror films), Ice Nine Kills’ latest clip takes a stab at portraying one of literature's most iconic novels.        

“This video marks the third and final chapter of the video trilogy that began in fall 2015 with ‘Communion Of The Cursed,'” says frontman Spencer Charnas. “We pick up right where the 'Hell In The Hallways’ video ended last spring, continuing to follow the character Kevin as he navigates through the sinister side of the literary classics that inspired our Every Trick In The Book album. This song, 'The Nature Of The Beast,’ is a tribute to George Orwell’s classic allegorical novel Animal Farm. The message of that book seems particularly relevant, given the dangerous political climate which engulfs our country at the moment.”

Without giving too much away, we highly suggest watching this video all the way through. To check it out, be sure to look below. Afterwards, make sure to pick up tickets to see Ice Nine Kills out on tour with Chelsea Grin, Gideon and Enterprise Earth here