Watch Ice Nine Kills Stand Up Against Bullying With New ‘Carrie’ Inspired Video


Similar to a lot of bands in the hardcore/metalcore scene, Boston’s Ice Nine Kills are big fans of the horror movie genre. However, unlike those other bands, the Fearless Records signees have taken their love for slasher flicks and ghost tales and turned them into their inspiration for their most recent music videos. Case in point, their new video for “Hell in the Hallways.”

Released just in time for prom season, “Hell in the Hallways” is a video based on the iconic tale of Carrie White – who, for those that haven’t seen the film, was famously tricked into attending her school dance where she was set up for some major bullying involving a large amount of animal blood.       

“Taking off from our last video, based on The Exorcist, and moving into this new tribute to Carrie, I tried to create an original narrative that links these two classic tales of terror,” says vocalist Spencer Charnas. “Reuniting with Dan Kennedy and Rasa Partin from Little Sky Film (directors of “Communion Of The Cursed”) enabled us to bring my vision to life in an elegantly twisted way. But above all, the band wanted to take a stand against bullying and the cruelty it inflicts on so many kids.” 

Charnas continued to add, “At it’s core, the story of Carrie is a profound morality tale about the dangers of bullying and the horrific consequences that can ensue. With a growing understanding by psychiatrists of the life-long consequences of being bullied, along with an increasing number of suicides, it seemed like a good time to put a spotlight on this epidemic.“

To watch the new video, see below. Afterwards, make sure to not only pick up tickets to see Ice Nine Kills out on the Vans Warped Tour but also check out Charnas’ recent trip to the Friday the 13th movie set here.