Watch Silvertooth (Silverstein + Beartooth) Become Unleashed On The Vans Warped Tour

Just in case you weren’t aware, this past weekend of the Vans Warped Tour was pretty historic. Why’s that you ask? Well, because Sunday’s stop in Shakopee, MN saw the mighty return of Silvertooth.

Now wait, “Who’s Silvertooth” you ask? Uh, only the most rock ‘n roll combination of all five members of Silverstein and all five members of Beartooth. Duh.

First formed back in 2015 on a rainy day in Scranton, PA, Silvertooth was brought back this past weekend to a massive crowd of both Beartooth and Silverstein fans. To check out a glimpse of their set backed by their catchy Ninja Turtles-like theme song, be sure to see below. Afterwards, make sure to grab tickets to see both Silverstein and Beartooth out on Warped Tour all summer long.