Watch Tiny Moving Parts Devour Chicken Wings In Our Latest Hot Wing Roulette Q&A

Besides being a trio of talented musicians, emerging emo/math rock outfit Tiny Moving Parts also has a huge infatuation with buffalo wings. Seriously, the guys love hot wings so much they told us they could easily guess any flavor of chicken wing we tossed their way. 

So, taking that challenge, we quickly created our new favorite game show Hot Wing Roulette. Here’s how it works: We asked the Minnesota three-piece a few questions regarding their new album Celebrate, being nominated for an APMA, their favorite tour beers and more. Then, after each question, the guys were given the challenge of consuming various flavors of hot wings and guessing which kind it was. Sounds easy enough right?

To see how well the guys did in our first-ever Hot Wing Roulette, be sure to look below. Afterwards, make sure to pick up the band’s new album Celebrate as well as tickets to their current headliner with Free Throw and Prawn here.